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Craig Wiley

Craig Wiley is the Founder and Literary Agent for The Craig Wiley Agency. He holds a BA in Political Science (English minor) from Butler University, a Certificate in Comparative Political and Economic Systems from Georgetown University, and a JD from the Indiana University School of Law.

Craig founded The Craig Wiley Agency after a number of years working in the publishing industry. Most recently, he worked as a literary agent for a prestigious agency in California. Before that, he worked in the legal department of another successful agency, spending most of his time negotiating book contracts for authors. All of his experience representing authors came after a political career that involved negotiating just about everything BUT book contracts. At the conclusion of a stint in Washington, D.C., Craig decided he'd rather observe the world of politics than be a player in it. Having always had an interest in books and the people who write them, the publishing industry became his perfect playground.

Craig works primarily with authors of political books, current affairs books, legal books, journalistic books, business books, Christian books, fiction books, and high-profile mainstream non-fiction books. As an overall literary goal, Craig works to increase the quality, not just the quantity, of books being sold to the public.

In addition to owning and operating The Wiley Agency, Craig is a member of the Associate Faculty at Indiana University in Indianapolis, where he periodically teaches undergraduate courses on American Politics and the United States Legal System. In his spare time, Craig enjoys playing drums, basketball, reading, and spending time with his wife, Darcy, his son, Elliot, and his daughter, Farah. Along with Craig, Darcy is a musician and lover of the arts. She sings and performs her own original music on the piano. Darcy is also very culturally minded and has spent a good portion of her life traveling the world as a missionary.

If you'd like to reach Craig, please send him an email at the following address:

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